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  • 88% of people use their phone for messaging.

  • 70% conversion rates reported by businesses due to efficient SMS marketing.

  • 53% of consumers favor brands that use mobile messaging to communicate.

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    $authKey="YOUR AUTH KEY"; 
    $message="your content comes here";  
    $template_id="19 Digit Template id"; 
    $postData = array(
    "campaign_name" => $campaign_name, 
    "auth_key" => $authKey, 
    "sender"  => $sender, 
    "route"  => $route, 
    "message" => ['msgdata' => $message,'Template_ID' => $template_id,'coding' => $coding,], 
      using System;
      using System.IO;
      using System.Net;
      using System.Text;
      namespace Examples.System.Net {
      public class WebRequestPostExample {
      public static void Main() {
      var httpWebRequest =(HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create ("http://hostname.in/api/send/sms");
      httpWebRequest.ContentType ="application/json"; 
      httpWebRequest.Method ="POST"; 
      using ( var streamWriter = new StreamWriter (httpWebRequest.GetRequestStream()))
      import  java.io.*;
      import okhttp3.*;
      public class main {
      public static void  main( String []args )throws  IOException {
      OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient().newBuilder().build();
      MediaType mediaType = MediaType.parse("application/json");
Autopilot Your Business With Us!

Autopilot Your Business With Us!

Send alert at any time, at the right moment, by multiple channels, with no effort.. Isn't it Great ??


DLT Registration and Support

TRAI has released a notification to overcome the problem of unsolicited SMS. As per the latest TRAI guidelines, every Business(Principal Entity) and Bulk SMS Service Provider(Telemarketer) will now have to register with the Telecom Operators(Access Providers) to continue sending SMS to their clients.

DLT Registration and Support

Our Services

Bulk SMS
Give your customers a personalized touch by sending updates, reminders and alerts with India's leading bulk sms service provider.
Voice SMS
Convey in local dialect and attract more visitors. Yep, that’s what bulk voice sms is all about. Give a personal touch with the best voice sms solutions.
Long Code
Increase your brand visibility by going international with long code, also called long number consisting of 10-digit.
Short Code
Do you want sms to reach a large number in seconds? Then, shortcode is the right choice for you! Now send a large number of messages with a 5-6 digit phone number to make the opt in process smooth.
Email Service
Manage your email marketing without managing it! Yes, email automation service is here to reduce your work.
Virtual Numbers
Any phone, whether VoIP desk phones, mobile phones, or softphones, can be used to place or receive calls using virtual numbers. It's ideal for office workers and employees working from home.
Missed Call Service
You can effortlessly communicate with your consumers and generate leads thanks to cloud-based missed call alert services. A toll-free number or a special 10-digit number are options.
Promotional Campaign 
Yes, it’s all about promotion. Just send messages to a large number of customers at one go and promote your product easily.
SMS APIs provide reliable business solutions for marketing campaigns and daily notifications from any application or website.
Schedule SMS 
Your SMS text messages can be set to be sent at a specific time and date up to a year in the future.
Regional SMS 
For a better customer experience, regional SMS allows you to send SMS in multiple language, and we will deliver it in that selected language.
URL Shortener
Count the number of hits coming from your URL by using the click counter to keep track of statistics for your company and projects.
DLT AI Platform
Operator-run portals, including Airtel, Videocon, Vodafone, Jio, and BSNL, are examples of DLT platforms. On these sites, firms must register by providing their contact information.
Verify SMS
Websites, apps, banks, and social networks can double-check a user's identification through SMS text verification.
Webhook API
A webhook is a simple API that enables event-driven, one-way data transfer.

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