Bulk Sms Service

A registration system based on blockchain is known as distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Telemarketers are required by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to register on the DLT platform.

It's being released in the public interest to stop SMS spam from different marketing companies.

Earlier, the TRAI compelled the bulk SMS service providers to register.

Anybody who wishes to send transactional or promotional SMS to their clients must be Properly registered under the amended rules.

What is DLT?

All transactions carried out by network users are recorded by the DLT platform.

According to the new TRAI regulations, it is required. Businesses sending their clients communication messages like OTPs, verification codes, notifications, etc. must register these messages on the TRAI DLT portal.

The aforesaid regulation, which required the adoption of DLT (a blockchain-based technology), is being implemented in phases. The DLT system has already been implemented by the majority of telecom carriers.

New TRAI Regulations for Bulk SMS

The TRAI has changed the guidelines for telemarketers and businesses using the bulk SMS service in India in order to stop customers from receiving unsolicited commercial messages.

In order to strengthen control and stop any fraudulent activity, it has developed rules. Also, it increases the end user's sense of security.

Companies will now need to register with telecom carriers if they wish to send their customers promotional or transactional texts.

They will answer to telecom operators, who will answer to TRAI directly.

Primary Entity

Customers are receiving SMS messages from the company. Any corporate or public organisation, including an individual or partnership corporation, could be the culprit.

Every entity must register with the telecom operators in the DLT platform in accordance with the most recent TRAI regulations.

End Customer

The cellphone subscriber who will receive the SMS is the final user. S(he) may give permission to receive SMS marketing messages from any company.

According to TRAI regulations, the end user can set preferences, file complaints, and unsubscribe at any time.

Service Providers

This service is offered to businesses or organisations by bulk SMS service providers.

For the purpose of sending messages on behalf of the major company, each service provider must be registered on the DLT platform.

Telecom Providers

These access providers will work hand in hand with TRAI and aid in the regulation-making process. For instance, consider Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, BSNL, etc.

These access providers will work hand in hand with TRAI and aid in the regulation-making process. For instance, consider Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, BSNL, etc.


The regulator, or TRAI, establishes regulatory compliance. To protect the interests of clients and stop fraudulent practises, it audits and regulates the operations.

Procedure of Enterprise Registration

  • Pick an organisation.
  • Click on "No" when prompted "Have you registered with any other mobile operator DLT network.
  • Enter the PAN for your company.
  • Provide the necessary information to the form.
  • Await OTP confirmation.
  • Please check your email.
  • Register on the portal.
  • the necessary paperwork online.
  • When you've finished the aforementioned steps, get your registration number.
  • You will receive your Business registration ID within 72 hours of uploading your KYC.

How DLT Registration Benefits Businesses and Clients?

According to TRAI requirements, businesses who undertake SMS marketing campaigns are required to register on the DLT platform. Something has been put in place to start off enterprise functional transparency.

Additionally, it aids TRAI in locating the users of the SMS/voice service so that they can utilise the service openly and distrustlessly.

As all operators have adopted this, telemarketers and businesses can now register on any operator's DLT platform by following the steps above.

In accordance with your registration as a telemarketer or business during the first phase of DLT registration, you will receive a special registration number.

Customer Advantages

For many years, eliminating spam and fraud has been a concern. Security is guaranteed by the usage of blockchain technology. More transparency is provided by telemarketers and businesses registering separately. Before sending the SMS, client permission is required, even though customers choose the slot timing.

Enterprise Advantages

  • Increased customer outreach that is more focused.
  • On the platform, every header and template has been registered.
  • Improved communication with the clients who genuinely want to hear from you.
  • Improved marketing strategies to connect with your target market.


The telecom providers have implemented TRAI regulations, and their implementation cannot be delayed.

Your SMS will be prohibited by telecom carriers if it contains the sender names from the DLT platforms.

To engage with your leads and expand your business, we implore you to register your company on the DLT platform. This will allow you to execute numerous SMS marketing campaigns.

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