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How Missed Call Service Generate More Customers

Everyone in the time-constrained 21st century is running out of time. To satisfy the needs of the general public and enable them to complete more work in less time, technology must consequently be constantly improved. Making the best use of technology is now even more crucial in the commercial sector when every second of focus on your product counts.

Cloud-based telephony providers have developed clever solutions like Missed Call Service, SMS Alerts, and others to efficiently mix technology with business management and keep your consumers informed without a lot of time input.

Missed Call Service is used by people all over the world for a variety of reasons that are related to their personal and professional demands. These are some of the service's strong points that will help you increase your customer base quickly and with little effort:

1) Time optimization

Save your prospective consumers from having to fill out tiresome forms. Instead, urge them to leave a missed call on your number so that one of your representatives can call them back to learn more about their needs.

This helps you avoid losing a lot of unhappy clients who could have trouble interacting with your agents. A big number of potential consumers, who can be either a small town farmer with a basic phone or a business owner with very little time, are catered to by the simplicity of connecting to your leads without imposing an extra burden of money or time.

2) Data verification

15.4 million people were the victims of identity theft in 2016, according to study. When operating their enterprises online, business owners have long been concerned about fraudulent practises on the internet. By verifying each incoming consumer, Missed Call Service offers these businesses a barrier of protection.

You can either invite potential clients to make a missed call to confirm their information or to make a missed call if they are truly interested in your business. The IVR uses its cleverly crafted algorithms to automatically verify the number whenever a customer places a missed call. This function is especially useful for blocking incoming spam and undesirable calls.

This functionality can be used by restaurants and other companies to confirm that consumers are choosing the Cash on Delivery option. When a caller enters inaccurate information into your application or website, it could cost a lot of money to give them your product.

As a result, a missed call service that confirms a customer's authentication via their mobile number can help you save a tonne of money and cut down on service delays.

3) Versatility

India's telecom subscriber count, which includes mobile and landline users, surpassed the 1.18 billion milestone in February of 2017. Connecting with your clients via landline phones is still important and should not be disregarded.

In this situation, the value of the missed call service for business owners increases because clients on both platforms can contact you by missed call, reaching all of your target customers. Particularly, this function aids in connecting with clients who lack technological sophistication or who live in rural areas. To express their interest in your items, they can leave a missed call on your cloud-based phone.

Its versatility in offering a range of functionalities enhances its usability and versatility to be used in various ways. Integrating missed call data with CRM improves your follow-up procedure by storing your missed call contacts' follow-up logs in the database.

4) Economic

Missed Call Service is very inexpensive for the customer. Costs are associated with Internet- and SMS-based campaigns. On the other hand, a campaign based on missed calls doesn't cost anything and still functions just as well.

Potential clients find missed call service appealing due to its affordability. As there are no barriers for clients to approach you.

5) Carry out polls

The expense of sending an SMS to participate in a survey has always been borne by the electorate. Voting was made more difficult by the need that each vote cost 3 rupees, which eventually started to impair customers' enthusiasm.

I should add that the missed call service significantly changed electronic voting and surveys. By substituting a missed call response for the message responses, the entire procedure was made simpler. Only clients with a mobile phone were able to participate in SMS voting. This drawback was also overcome with the development of missed call voting, which made it possible for landline users to take part in surveys and polls.

6) Lead generation

Any business that strives to make a profit needs to generate leads. Missed call service serves as a benefit in this case for your sales staff. Giving your clients the option of a missed call naturally encourages them to use your service because doing so makes contacting you easier and cuts out a lot of the intermediary levels of communication.

It is simple to compare the return on investment of missed call lead generation to different marketing strategies. Additionally, it improves your lead management procedure and keeps you informed of clients that might need to be retargeted in the future.

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