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How to Track Your Messaging Campaign Success | Overview

Did you guarantee that every message was delivered when your most recent messaging campaign was launched? Did you subsequently look up how many responses those messages generated? If you did, kudos to you! You've started a procedure that will aid in your comprehension of how your communications are affecting your audience and will enable you to optimise your messaging campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

You should define how you will assess performance and establish your goals before creating a communications strategy. Is your marketing effort intended to inform potential customers? Do you assist clients in making purchasing decisions? Are you assisting a customer service team in resolving issues?

Whatever the objectives of your campaign, you are sending messages to your audience with a clear purpose. You might want your customers to decide, take action, or learn something. They are motivated to act by your messages.

Analytics make it clear to you how successful you have been in achieving the campaign's objectives. The SMS-Magic team takes great pride in our user-friendly dashboard, which includes common analytics and is available to you as soon as you send your first message. The metrics that matter to you the most can be analysed and reported on with our assistance. Register right away for a free trial.

Our messaging platform is undoubtedly the greatest, but let's come back to the information you need to know about your campaigns. You should review the following important metrics:

Message Transmission

Make sure your text messaging software solution offers end-to-end delivery statistics for all relevant carriers if you want to ensure that your messages are delivered reliably. If you can't get to your customers, you can't help them. Statistics on message delivery can show you how many of your messages are getting through to your clients as well as any obstacles to delivery. If you are aware of your issue, it might be simple to fix.

Response Rates

You should track how many of your leads or contacts responded to your message if you are sending a campaign to a list. Poor response rates should motivate you to test your message and content to boost performance.

Reaction Times - Users of Messaging

The capacity to start a conversation is one of messaging's primary benefits. This calls for prompt response, either through an automated message or a message from a team member, to responses from members of your target audience.
Make careful to assess the response times for your teams as a whole and for each individual user. Understand why slower response times are happening when you see them, and consider tweaking your procedure to get rid of them.
Make careful to assess the response times for your teams as a whole and for each individual user. If you notice slower response times, be sure to identify the cause and, if necessary, modify your procedure to get rid of the delayed responses. Keep an eye on response rates for your sector. What is considered "fast" in one industry could be extremely slow in another.

Handling Consent to Text

You must keep track of who opts in and out of your text marketing campaigns in accordance with international privacy rules, and you must obtain explicit consent from customers before collecting and processing their personal information. Campaign analytics assist you in keeping track of the status of each recipient and can generate reports to demonstrate compliance both individually and collectively.

Pipeline Development

You want to make sure that you track the development of your prospects as you develop and distribute campaigns and specific messages intended to move them through your pipeline. Make sure to assess metrics like whether material prompts a prospect to take further action, which content elicits little response, and which content or messaging encourage conversions.

% of conversions

Measure your genuine success rates if you're utilising conversational messaging to promote any kind of conversion, such as a product purchase, a subscription, enrolling in a course, or a job offer acceptance. We focus far too much on meeting deadlines, obtaining a response, and responding promptly. Nevertheless, successfully turning a prospect into a customer is the true test of a conversational messaging strategy.

Testing and Message Improvement

It might be time to conduct some testing if your statistics show that something is amiss, such as declining response rates, conversions that are below expectations, or dramatically shifting customer service rates. A/B or split testing is the most popular kind of message testing. It's a tried-and-true strategy for discovering what content is effective and what isn't.
Compose two messages or content components. For instance, if you're testing your messages, Message A serves as the control message and remains the same. The test message is message B, and you will only alter one component of this message.
Deliver the two messages to a sufficient portion of your list so that you may make generalisations about the full list. The size of your test group is sufficient for statistical significance, so that's good news.
Analyze your data
If the response to Message B is higher, you will know that the element you altered was the key. Then you can email to everyone on the list and hope for a better response.
Effectiveness can also be evaluated other than by response rates
You might examine your dashboard for other changes brought on by the test message, such as requests for information, participation in a promotion or survey, or purchases, depending on the type of message you're testing.
Use the same process to content testing
Limit the number of elements you change at once. You won't be able to tell which adjustment, if any, made an impact if you alter two or more components. Do separate tests for each component if you need to test many elements.
The following are some of the components that are frequently tested:

  • Updating the message's opening line.
  • Modifying a multimedia messaging service (MMS) message by adding or removing a single image or video.
  • Repositioning the call to action (CTA) so that it is now at the top of the linked content.
  • Altering the CTA button or link's colour.
  • Adding or removing customization from the message.

It will be simpler to connect with your bes t clients the more information you have about how your message initiatives are performing. You'll have a better understanding of the goods or services customers desire and the best strategy to use.
In order to better connect with your consumers, patients, clients, and applicants, we advise you to segment your audience as much as you can. Having your messaging platform and CRM integrated makes efficient communication a breeze.

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