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Top Reasons Why SMS is Better than Email Marketing

SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly efficient and cost-effective way to reach customers and supporters. Because SMS messages have higher open and response rates than email marketing, they have become an ideal choice for large corporations and political campaigns alike, who have used SMS messages to get their message across and garner an audience.

When Barack Obama sent the now-famous text message announcing his choice of Joe Biden as Vice President to more than 3 million Americans via SMS, he understood how important and personal it was to the people. This astute campaigning strategy enabled him to rally millions of voters on his side and generate record contributions from contributors.

Reasons why SMS is superior to email marketing

Here are top reasons why SMS has surpassed email marketing.

2. Understand Thy Customer

To track the success of your messages, use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) app. Check out this ultimate guide for more information on the best CRMs available (Open Link in new window).
Analyze purchase history and demographics based on location to send the right messages to the right customers.

The majority of your target audience owns a smartphone.

60% of the world's population owns a mobile phone, while 40% have internet access. According to statistics, the number of mobile phone users has increased by 4% per year since 2013, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. The number of people reached by an SMS marketing campaign is significantly greater than that of email marketing.

Increased SMS open rates

According to research, 98% of SMS messages have a rate of response of 45%, whereas emails have an open rate of 28-33% and a much lower response rate of 6%. This means that nearly three times as many individuals are reading your messages as are opening the emails you've sent them.

Higher CTR

The average click through rate for links in SMS messages is 19%, while e-mail marketing has a click through rate of 3.2%. People rarely have the time or patience to read through an email until they get to the link. SMS messages that are brief and to the point have a better chance of capturing the attention of the recipient.

Client interaction that is active

SMS messages have the advantage of almost instantly updating the receiver about what you have to say due to their higher open rates. It could be anything from the most recent political campaign updates to information.

Quality trumps quantity.

SMS messages must adhere to word limits and only include pertinent information, whereas e-mailers frequently include irrelevant information that risks boring the client. With 4-6 text campaigns per month, SMS campaigns can keep clients coming back. There is no specific limit for email campaigns, and the more emails you send, the more likely it is that a client will read it.

It is inexpensive.

SMS campaigns may be more expensive per message, but they save money on the costs associated with creating emailers. Email campaigns require imagination and design. They must be made compatible with all mail clients. Let's say you only have 160 characters for copy SMS messages.


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