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What is SMS Survey and Its Benefits

SMS surveys are defined as surveys that are administered and data collected from respondents via the small messaging service (SMS) feature on mobile or feature phone devices. Despite the cost of this survey method, it is still an efficient day of data collection in research. The SMS text survey typically consists of a simple to deploy and respond to question type, such as a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question or a dichotomous question.

It is good practise to ask the right question to the right audience. But, even better, ask the right question to the right audience on the "right platform"!

SMS has a massive opening rate of 98%, according to Mobile Marketing Watch.

SMS and Mobile Internet - the old and the new

For quite some time, mobile internet has been revolutionising the global population. It offers novel ways to improve people's lives, from farmers using government mobile apps to get fertiliser tips to college students and executives who use mobile internet from the moment they wake up, whether to read the newspaper, order a cab, or get a meal.

Furthermore, research shows that individuals across the spectral range are much more likely to take action on the internet when it is accessible via their mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops. It is a classic example of choosing convenience over power up a bulky device that necessitates more effort and intermediate tasks.

Benefits of Using SMS Surveys

1. Economical Tool
When compared to other types of surveys, an SMS campaign costs only a few cents per message. It's also simple to send text messages and survey links to large groups of people. Because of the higher open rates, it's an effective marketing tool for gathering customer feedback and learning about their concerns. According to one study, text message open rates are 98%.

2. Simple Setup Procedure
Manually sending surveys can take a long time. However, with SMS Survey software, you can use pre-built survey templates or create customised surveys using the WYSIWYG survey builder, and schedule them with less time and effort. You can also customise the text message according to your needs.

3. A Quick Way to Get Feedback
Most of us are accustomed to carrying mobile devices with us at all times, and our customers are no exception. When we receive an SMS, our natural reaction is to open it right away. According to Mobilesquared, 90% of mobile messages are opened within the first three minutes. As a result, this is yet another compelling reason why SMS is an ideal platform for conducting surveys and obtaining instant feedback.

4. Increased Response Rates
According to studies, SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than any other channel, such as phone, email, or Facebook. Response rates can vary depending on the industry and the survey. However, according to mobile marketing experts, the majority of mobile users respond to various types of messages such as promotional deals, event updates, appointment reminders, and so on via SMS.

5. Simple to Implement
You can easily create and deploy surveys in a matter of minutes thanks to all of the user-friendly SMS online surveys available on the market. The favorite aspect is that you don't have to manually enter each customer's information. You can easily share bulk contacts via CSV into the system and send them using an automated tool.
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