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Why is DLT Beneficial for Your Business? Things You Need To Know

You can connect distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain, to the well-known Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. But there's more to it than that. Especially when it comes to using it for business.

But how does it work? Most importantly, how will blockchain solutions help your business thrive in the digital transformation? Let's start by distinguishing between blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The article focuses on a story of roots rather than a debate.

What is DLT?

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is an umbrella term for systems that digitally store data transactions between participants. From token sales to supply chain transactions, they are decentralised databases where these transfers are trusted and cannot be tampered with. They're practically impenetrable ledgers.

As the first full-fledged DLT, blockchain rose to prominence through its use of cryptocurrency purchase chains. However, in the last decade, the benefits of implementing blockchain enterprise solutions, such as handling data and business operations more accurately and conveniently, have reached the mainstream. But first, there are two kinds of blockchains: public and private. p>

Why is Distributed Ledger Technology Beneficial to Businesses?

DLT enables businesses to conduct quick and secure transactions without the use of intermediaries. Distributed ledger technology provides a more widely available, efficient, and reliable platform than centralised ledger systems by distributing authority of the database and creating a tamper-proof network.

  • Removing Intermediaries: DLTs eliminate the need for intermediaries and go-betweens, which add costs and inefficiencies to centralised ledgers. Businesses no longer have to deal with clumsy bureaucracies, expensive lawyers, bankers, or politicians because the system is trustless, which means that participants do not need to trust one another to ensure a valid ledger.
  • Accessibility: DLTs provide businesses with unrestricted access to conduct transactions freely, without depending on or trusting authorities that monopolise access and control on a centralised system. No transaction is given precedence over others.
  • Tamper-evident: There is no way for hackers or corrupt central government agents to interfere with records or alter a ledger in DLT. Because transparency ensures that every network attendee is aware whenever a change occurs, distributed ledgers are tamper-proof.

How Businesses are Making Use of Distributed Ledger Technology

Smart contracts are now a popular DLT use case among businesses. The code defines relationships and interactions and establishes specific parameters for carrying out predefined actions. Smart contracts serve as a means of protecting against fraud and have several advantages, including:

- Following prescribed timelines when purchasing goods for delivery - Identifying high or low price thresholds in procurement systems.

- Addressing quality assurance conditions that products must meet before moving to the next stage of production.

- Following prescribed timelines when purchasing goods for delivery.

- Recognizing high or low price threshold values in procurement systems.


If you can justify using a DLT in your business and the use case is appropriate, then go ahead and do it. You will be able to safely store desktop transfers, conceal them from unauthorized users, and secure them using cryptography. Only remember to weigh the benefits of using the right security tools to safeguard your DLT-based solutions.

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